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When they were accused of attempting to overthrow the king and usurp the throne the feared warriors known as the Seven Deadly Sins were exiled and put a price on their heads. Some time later Princess Elizabeth discovers the dark reality, the culprits of all these barbaric acts are the personal guardians of the king, the sacred knights, after discovering this the princess goes in search of the capital sins to ask for their help and to be able to stop the sacred knights.

Princess Elizabeth begins the most important and dangerous journey of her life, her goal to reunite the legendary deadly sins. The first one she finds is Meliodas, the captain of sins who is dedicated to travel attending his tavern in the company of his pig that speaks "Hauk", after Meliodas faces the knights that go after Elizabeth, she tells him what happened and what is his objective. So Meliodas and Hauk decide to accompany the princess and travel together to gather the deadly sins.
But of course it is worth seeing and of course I regret not having seen it before as it is a great anime and one of the best I have ever seen. When it just came out the first season I didn't give it any importance and decided to watch it until it was finished broadcasting and of course it was a good decision to give it a chance since it has an excellent story, animation, excellent fights and it fascinated me.

Nanatsu no taizai

The History of Nanatsu no taizai, Everything is centered on Princess Elizabeth and the 7 deadly sins, the story begins with Meliodas a young tavern owner who is tending his tavern "the boar's hat" to which a knight with an old and rusty armor enters causing all customers to run out of the tavern and the knight falls unconscious on the floor, which shows that the person inside the armor is not a knight, but a beautiful young woman with silver hair. When the young woman wakes up she is lying on a bed without armor and the young Meliodas and Hauk observe her, after getting up Elizabeth tells them the reason why she is traveling and wearing the armor. She has escaped from the castle to go in search of the seven deadly sins.

In the past the 7 deadly sins were considered the most powerful and loyal warriors of the kingdom of Britain, they were the heroes of the kingdom. All this changes when the sacred knights, the personal guard of the king, put in motion a plan to kill the leader of the sacred knights and blame it on the capital sins, that's how Meliodas and the rest of the sins are accused of traitors and have to separate to escape from the kingdom.

Characters in The Seven Deadly Sins
There is the main or protagonist, Meliodas. That at first is seen as a simple young tavern owner and after a situation that arises we can see how it really is, one of the deadly sins. A strong and skillful young man with a great sense of justice, besides being a total pervert who takes advantage of any opportunity to touch Elizabeth's breasts or look up her skirt.

Princess Elizabeth, She is a very responsible and determined girl, she does what she sets out to do. At first it seems that she will only be an ornament that they will have to be saving in each chapter. But as the anime progresses you will notice that she is not like that and she always makes an effort and does what she can so as not to be a burden.
As the series progresses we discover some of the members of the seven deadly sins which are as unique and extravagant as Meliodas. The story is getting better and better and it gets more interesting as different types of beings are added to the story, among them demons, fairies and giants. This is just a taste of what we get in the first season, as in the second season something very good comes along with great fights and incredible characters.

There are many good things about the series. For example the plot, it is not the most original but it is a good story and it has developed well. It also has many bloody parts and big fights which you don't usually see. The personalities of the characters are unique and each one of them has their own way of thinking, besides that each one has a goal or reason to continue with this journey in this peculiar group.

Nanatsu no taizai is an anime with a good story, well developed, good fights and unique characters. I recommend it, see it and you will not regret it, it has its dose of action, mystery, romance and comedy.

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