Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise

Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise 2020

Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise

Two years have passed since the El-Diver incident, during which the now legendary group known as the build divers took on the army of the second coalition of volunteers, in a battle in which the virtual world known as Gunpla Battle Nexus Online, or GBN, was at stake.

To prevent a similar crisis from happening again, a series of updates were made to the game, improving at the same time the features of GBN, in order to provide a better experience to its users. 

In this virtual world the players known as Divers can live all kinds of adventures together with thousands of other people, but despite this there are certain divers who prefer to make their way alone, having their own motivations in mind. 

Hiroto is one of these divers, a skillful player but with few friends, who wanders around the game like a mercenary, going from one team to another, while chasing the shadow of an old acquaintance with the hope of meeting her again someday. It is while he is at it that one day he finds himself involved with three other players in a strange mission, an experience more immersive than usual, and one that he will soon discover goes beyond anything he has experienced so far in GBN.

Originally released during the fall season of 2019, Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise is an original ONA format anime, a sequel to the 2018 title Gundam Build Divers, which in turn, along with the Build Figthers series, is part of a sub-saga of the Gundam franchise, focusing on the theme of plastic armorable figures known as gunplas. The anime, like all the productions of this saga, is a work animated by the sunrise studios, which directed by Shinya Watada, came to have a total of 26 episodes, divided into two seasons of 13 chapters each.

The series Buil Figthers and Build Divers, being a subproduct of the Gundam franchise focused on the promotion of figures, have always been a set of titles that have sought to move away from the more serious tone of the main works of the saga, betting on stories, characters and worlds simpler and less conflicted, resulting in titles of more childish tone that are more deviated by the spectacularity and fun, for the same reason not necessarily raising particularly plausible scenarios, despite being set in a reality very similar to ours.

Although this has earned them the repudiation of a certain sector of the gundam fans, it has also allowed them to become a fairly loyal audience, as they are very light and entertaining animes, whose greatest strength lies in the exciting and varied nature of their fights between wicks, and the charismatic and picturesque nature of their leading cast.

Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise

This is exactly why when Re: Rise began, he didn't know how to win me over completely with his first episodes. Although he kept many of the elements of his predecessor, he chose to present a more serious story, with a quartet of heroes, Although it was obvious from the beginning that they had more background than their predecessors, they did not like them very much, even though they might be a little unpleasant, so the first impression I got from this title was a considerable disappointment, which did not disappear until the series was very advanced.

The anime is an action and science fiction title, which continuing with what was seen in the previous Buil Divers, introduces us to Gunpla Battle Nexus Online, or GBN for short, an immersive reality video game made up of a huge virtual world, which gundam fans can enter to enjoy great adventures and exciting battles, in conjunction with thousands of other users, in which they can use virtual versions of the gunplas they have built in reality, and which after the crisis experienced in the previous season a few years ago, has now been updated with more and better content.

The protagonist of the story is Hiroto Kuga, a lonely player and gunplas builder, with a somewhat stoic personality and not many friends, who within GBN acts as a kind of mercenary, accepting to help other teams or players with their missions, but always acting on his own, all while in the constant search of a certain person, without caring much about what others do, and staying away from everyone.

Despite this attitude, one day without looking for it, he gets involved in a seemingly special mission together with three other rather disparate players he has just met, the quiet May, the conceited Kazami hero prospect, and the shy Parviz (Par). The thing is that the mission and the place where it takes place is very peculiar even by GBN standards, having to help a NPC village with the appearance of anthropomorphic animals and excessive personality, which inhabiting a world called Eldora, are threatened by giant robots known simply as the Uniojos. An apparently simple objective, but that will be complicated not only by the fact that Hiroto and company are not especially good at working as a team, hindering each other more than they help each other, but also because the mission has a very strange structure, being made up of small missions that seem to be part of a larger plot, and that Hiroto and company will eventually notice that it is more elaborate than it should be.

Thus, this disparate group, who will borrow the name Build Divers from their predecessors due to a confusion, will have to manage to try to work together in order to fulfill their mission, while also seeking to achieve their own personal goals. But the further they progress along their path, the more they will realize that not everything is what it seems to be, and that a truth totally unexpected to them lurks, and to overcome it as well as certain ghosts from their past, they will have nothing left but to mature, both as a team and as individuals.

Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise

Under this premise we have a title that will see its core both in what is the development of Hiroto's team in their efforts to succeed in every test that is put in front of them, having a lot of work to learn to act as a team, as well as in the development of the mystery behind the mission in which they are participating, focusing the first season in establishing the conflicts of history while deepening the problems of the 4 protagonists, and culminating it with a revelation and events that although something obvious for that point you do not see it coming completely, keeping some surprise under the magician, while for its part the second season, would finally focus on resolving one by one all the problems raised to that point, closing with a final full of emotion and spectacularity of this saga.

The series is therefore a somewhat slow in the beginning, which although it manages to entertain by delivering a few skirmishes between wicks with good action in between, in terms of history and characters takes time to settle, not becoming its first stage entirely desirable, and may cost to capture the interest of the viewer due largely to its characters, which at first not only are not quite endearing, but in fact depending on the case can even become irritating.

It is not until the series has several episodes behind it, past the halfway point of the first season, that things begin to take shape, managing to feel a little more appreciation for their characters, who will eventually show more complexity than they did at the beginning, and establishing some enigmas and mysteries related to the plot, which finally manage to generate interest. Unfortunately, in my personal experience, this was something that took too long to happen, not being able to happen until the end of the first season when the title finally got me hooked, but we have to admit that when it finally did, I couldn't let go until it was finished, delivering RE:Rise a second half tremendously exciting and full of climax moments.

This is then a slow cooking anime, which more than one will have to have patience to get a hold of, being for the same reason a title that may not be for everyone, but if you are willing to give it a chance it will eventually reward you with plenty of it.

At the level of action the work does not have losses, and is that following what would be the tradition of this saga, the fights between wicks are a great enjoyment to see, full of scenes full of emotion and intensity, but which again during its first episodes can get to be something short of variety, due to the little diversity of enemy units to which Hiroto and company faced during the first episodes and that except for some punctual exception they will be the same units of massive production time and time again, not being if not already something but advanced the series when it enters scenes a greater variety of gundams and other mobil suits that it grants variety to him finally to the subject.

With respect to the characters, as I said, the main quartet is made up of Hiroto, May, Kazami, and Parvitz. The first one is a skillful pilot but with an attitude of few friends, cause of a tragic event happened in the past, and that has relation with the end of the previous series, which will be one of the great mysteries of the series, not revealing itself if not enough advanced the same one. Its mobile suit is the Core Gundam, a smaller machine than usual, but that has the capacity to combine with diverse systems of armament, called the Planet system, that inspired by the planets of the solar system, give it diverse capacities of combats.

With a similar personality to the previous one, May, is a stoic girl with a very rational line of thought, almost robotic at times, which unlike her peers seems to be more informed of the whole situation in which they are involved, being her job to investigate the matter, and there is a certain veil of mystery around her that will eventually be revealed. Her gunpla is a modified Wodom Pod, a mobile suit of somewhat peculiar appearance, from the Turn-A gundam series.

Kazami, on the other hand, is a conceited guy in need of attention, an aspiring hero and a self-proclaimed leader of the group, who wants to gain popularity within GBN, but whose presumptuous attitude added to his little skill in combat makes him look like a pretty annoying and useless guy, Besides being too talkative, so he can get to fall quite badly at first, but during the course of the series will be maturing, showing that in the background is much more than it appears, achieving over time and after many difficulties and errors, become the hero that shouts that is. His fuse is the Justice Knight Gundam, which as its name indicates ,is a chivalrous looking gundam focused on close combat, created based on the Justice Gundam of gundam SEED Destiny.

The last member of the group is Parviz, a young man quite shy and not very experienced in the combats within GBN, but kind and with great skills in the construction of gunplas, his character bow is related to a certain accident in which he was involved in the real world, and that now inhibits him to demonstrate all that he is able to do, being his character bow obviously focused in seeing how he manages to overcome this and is able to gain confidence in himself. His machine is the Valkylander, a dragon-like transformable gundam SD, based on a mobile suit from the Gundam 00 universe.

Obviously out of these four there are a good handful of characters that will be present during the course of the play, some more relevant or more developed than others, and one or another even coming from the previous season that will walk through some episodes to say hello, but it is in Hiroto's group where the greatest weight falls.

Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise Online

Visually speaking, Re:Rise, as usual in the titles of this saga looks pretty good, offering a pretty competent animation most of the time, which manages to dazzle especially during fights between the wicks. At a design level, it follows the same line as its predecessor, with designs of different characters, and highlights that are not seen to go wrong, although I must admit that initially the designs of the mobile suits of the protagonists really failed to like, but this was something that was remedied over time and after seeing them in action.

Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise is the curious case of an unusual title, in a sub-saga that is out of the ordinary for what is its main franchise. It is a title that moves away from the childish tone of its predecessors to opt for a more serious and elaborate plot, which although it does not necessarily reach the level of maturity of Gundam's main works centered on war, in its own way it is a sort of breath of fresh air.

Re:Rise is a title to which you have to have patience, being easy to leave it aside because of its unconvincing beginning, but it is a work that as it advances is gaining strength in a considerable way, achieving for its second half to become a tremendously catching anime, which manages to deliver what in my opinion is the best climax so far within the series of its franchise. In short, it is a title that I recommend as long as you are aware of what you are going to encounter so that you do not get unnecessary disappointment.

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