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One Punch Man

The story takes place in one of Earth's fictional metropolises, City Z in Japan. The world is full of strange monsters that mysteriously appear and cause many disasters. Saitama, the main character, is a powerful superhero who easily defeats monsters or other villains with a single blow. Because of this Saitama has found his strength boring and is always trying to find more powerful opponents to match.
In his adventures he meets new friends, enemies and his own disciple, the Cyborg Genos, and joins the Heroes Association to gain fame for all his actions to prevent evil. Despite defeating many strong enemies that the main heroes, even those of the Heroes Association are unable to defeat, Saitama is unable to get recognition for his actions in general. Most people discriminate against him because of his normal physical appearance, and some accuse him of being a false hero. Only a small number of individuals recognize his incredible talent and humility toward others.

One Punch Man Tercera Temporada / One Punch Man 3rd Season

Released on October 5th during the autumn season of 2015, One Punch Man is the anime adaptation of the manga of the same name drawn by Yusuke Murata (Eyeshield 21), which is a remake with improved drawing of the webcomic written and drawn by One since 2009. The anime has a total of 12 episodes (plus some OVA's that are not relevant) produced by Madhouse studios and the direction of Shingo Natsume.

Considered a repetitive garbage by some and a masterpiece that came to save the anime by others, the truth is that One Puch Man is a series that has given to talk about being the most anticipated anime of its season and in fact possibly the whole year 2015, This is not too difficult to achieve if we consider that this year has not been the most prolific in terms of quality works. However, One Punch Man has been a work that despite its simplicity in terms of history has managed to attract attention, partly for its excellent animation, and partly for being a surprisingly entertaining and light work to follow.

The premise of the series is quite simple but imaginative, in a world constantly threatened by the presence of criminal gangs, destructive monsters, ancient civilizations, invading aliens, natural disasters and other evils of the most varied origins, there is a hero with the power to end any of them with a simple punch, Saitama, a simple unemployed man who, after discovering that he had a vocation for killing villains and saving others, underwent rigorous training that ended up leaving him bald but gave him unimaginable strength, thus becoming a hero for a hobby, the problem? , Now he is so powerful that he is not able to find any rival that is at his level and all of them have just been hit, preventing him from enjoying the excitement of a good fight, and leading him to become apathetic and bored of his situation, to fill it even more, it turns out that although he has been three years ending different threats nobody recognizes him and do not even know who the hell he is.

The series then part of this simple and absurd idea to deliver what can be described as a parody of the genre of superheroes and super powers, presenting threats incredibly destructive and unstoppable, which while a headache or at first insurmountable for other heroes better known and admired in the world in which the events occur, For Saitama's stranger they are nothing more than a little hindrance that can end without major problems with a single punch, being this the hook of the anime but at the same time its biggest punch and the reason that many complain that it is just a joke that is repeated over and over again, The fact is that having a character capable of finishing off any enemy in one single attack, no matter how ridiculously powerful or destructive it is, can end up being something repetitive and anti-climactic for more than one, of course the negative impression this can cause is rather something that depends a lot on those who are watching the series and what they expect from it, being of those works that it is better to see with the brain off to just seek to enjoy what happens on the screen, without stopping to think or analyze much about what happens and letting themselves be carried away by the various situations.

By this I mean that OPM is a simple anime, Well, yes, in fact it is and quite a lot, let's be honest although the series gives us some pretty impressive action scenes and good comedy moments, at the level of story or development it's not that it offers much but it's not like this is the objective of this work either, So it's something that can simply be overlooked, OPM is an anime whose goal is to entertain and amuse the viewer and in that sense it does it extremely well, resulting as I said before in a work that is light to digest and leaves you wanting more and more after each chapter.

It helps a lot that the anime has a cast of characters quite diverse and charismatic, superheroes and villains of all kinds, from the impressive and threatening to the simply ridiculous and derisory, and while it is true that most of them do not have more weight within the anime or time on screen, know how to steal camera when they make an appearance, although obviously those who take the palms here are our bald man with cape, Saitama, and his apprentice, the cyborg Genos, this last protagonist of some of the funniest moments of the series and also of those who deliver more action.

One Punch Man Tercera Temporada / One Punch Man 3rd Season

As for the visual section, I have no complaints, because Madhouse excelled with One Punch Man just like that. The animation, especially during the battles where we can see how they implement different styles, techniques and tricks, is simply impressive and they enjoy a lot of detail and dynamism at all times, I have no major complaints about the character designs either, and that is that while the designs of the heroes sometimes leave a little to be desired, by the villains and monsters that they face we can see very varied and imaginative things, the backgrounds may be the aspect in which the anime stands out less, but it is not like they are bad and perform their function properly.

About the soundtrack, because in general it looks pretty good having some tunes that are worth highlighting, such as the theme that sounds during the confrontation of Genos VS Saitama, but outside of this, I think it is an element that is correctly used and achieves its goal of setting. The opening title "THE HERO" played by JAM Prooject, although it seems to have liked everyone, the truth is that I am not convinced, it is not bad and it fits quite well with the series, but I do not think it is the best or most impressive that this group has brought out, For its part, the ending of the title, "Hoshi yori Saki ni Mitsukete Ageru" played by Hiroko Moriguchi, is a much quieter tune that has ended up pleasing me more than I expected, but at the same time is quite forgettable.

Entertaining and very funny series, with excellent animation, charismatic characters, and exciting battles, those that you can see in one sitting without major problems due to how light and easygoing it is, you will not win any prize for his story, but if you want to be distracted for a while with a good dose of action is recommended.

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