Kimetsu no Yaiba

Kimetsu no Yaiba

Kimetsu no Yaiba

Since the death of his father, the burden of supporting his family has fallen on the shoulders of Tanjirou Kamado, and although they live impoverishedly on a remote mountain, the Kamado family enjoys a relatively quiet and happy life. One day, Tanjirou decides to go to the local village to earn some money selling charcoal, but on his way back night falls, forcing the young man to take refuge in the house of a local neighbor, who warns him of the existence of carnivorous demons that lurk in the forest at night.

When he finally arrives home the next day, the boy encounters a horrible vision: his entire family has been killed, and worse, the only survivor is his sister Nezuko, who has become a bloodthirsty demon. Consumed by anger and hatred, Tanjirou vows to avenge his family and protect his now only living relative, so after joining a mysterious group dedicated to hunting and eradicating demons, Tanjirou will do whatever it takes to end those who caused his misfortune and find a way to return his sister, who still holds fragments of her humanity, to normal.

Kimetsu no Yaiba, also known as Demon Slayer, is the anime adaptation of the manga of the same name by Koyoharu Gotouge, published since 2016 through the pages of the weekly Shonen Jump. The anime is a production of Ufotable Studios directed by Haruo Sotozaki (who previously was in charge of the animated adaptations of several games in the Tales of saga), which so far has a single season of 26 episodes.

If I'm honest, before its release I didn't really know or expect anything from this series, I lost interest years ago in trying to keep track of Shonen Jump and its constant tide of new works of which many come to nothing due to its system of popularity, so at least they are very popular titles is not that I am very aware of the works that currently have to offer, and Kimetsu no Yaiba is no exception, really not being a work that I would have heard absolutely nothing about before its anime, so it was not much of a disappointment for me that after seeing its first chapter during its premiere week the same although very nice visually did not end up bringing me too much, looking at it as a series that maybe I could enjoy if I watched it all in marathon but that did not call my attention to follow it weekly.

Kimetsu no Yaiba Characters

So in fact that's what I did, and after weeks of hearing different comments about the work while it was being transmitted, which in many cases raised it to the heavens, finally when the series was on its 24th chapter I decided to take it up again, finding in this way a title of plot and development not at all remarkable but very consistent, being in fact a very typical title within what are these Shonen stories of adventure and fights, but which managed to stand out thanks to a very pleasant pace and some visuals too compliant.

The series is a work of action set in the Japan of the Taisho era, a point in the history of the country of the rising sun at the beginning of the twentieth century in which it was living its transition to more modern times, but in which among shadows more mythical and dark entities still exist hidden from the eye of the common passer-by, demons born of humans possessing bodies much more resistant and strong than ours, and carriers of different special abilities, who hunt down unsuspecting humans to feed on them, being the only ones capable of confronting these creatures the members of a mysterious organization without government support who are dedicated to eradicating them, carrying special swords and employing powerful techniques that are based on breathing.

Our protagonist in this story is then Tanjirou Kamado, a kind young man with a hard head and a very good sense of smell, who living in a remote rural area with his mother and brothers, has to experience his worst nightmare when a day after arriving home he finds that all of them have been killed by a demon that as if that were not enough also decided to turn his beloved younger sister into one of these creatures.

This is how the boy, after a series of incidents during which he will meet a demon-hunter, and will discover that his sister, despite her transformation, has managed to maintain some of her humanity, will begin his path to become a hunter himself and to look for the cause of his misfortunes, to finish him off and hopefully also to discover a way to return his sister to normality, a path that will not only make him pass difficult tests and fight against dangerous enemies, but also to make various friends and allies.

As you see a not very complicated but functional premise that serves as a good basis for our hero and company to go through different challenges, commonly in the form of enemies increasingly stronger and stronger, and fence strengthening, this while we are introduced from time to time to new characters, thus maintaining the novelty and variety.

Having said this and as I said, the development of the series, as well as the development of its characters is not the most remarkable to be seen there, being the same very typical of this type of stories of Shounen cut, in which each bow can be easily identified thanks to the presence of a new main enemy, a competent but somewhat repetitive structure, which added to a story that for the moment is somewhat simple and not really very interesting, can lead the series to at least feel very predictable and uninspired, particularly for those who already have some time in this world and already know the shots for which they go this kind of plot.

Now for the record, I don't mean that Kimetsu no Yaiba's story is bad, it just seems to me that it is a bit simplistic, being the same only an excuse to take us from one combat to another, while among them we are introduced to some new character or element of the plot.

Luckily, and as I said at the beginning, this is compensated with a very pleasant rhythm that makes the series very easy to follow, not making it difficult to get hooked on it, especially if you don't ask for too much at first, and being in general a very light and entertaining production that takes you from one chapter to another without much difficulty.

To this we must also add a protagonist, although not very charismatic or memorable, but quite nice, which also greatly entertains the experience and is supported by a cast of secondary by other competent, which together achieve a good dynamic, more of which is also my biggest complaint towards the title, which is presented in the form of a secondary blonde hair called Zenitsu.

Kimetsu no Yaiba

This is a character that even though he is poorly introduced in the first episodes, it is not until around the eleventh chapter when he really enters to actively participate in the story, and who from the first moment he opens his mouth managed to make me feel extremely bad due to his constant yelling and whining, which even though I understand is there to add a certain comical tone to the formula of the title, It can be said that he handles a comedy not particularly hilarious but within all functional, the truth is that he repelled and irritated me greatly, ruining extremely the boy's experience of seeing the series every time he appeared on screen, a situation that for much background and some epic moment that he was given during a couple of chapters, did not improve at all.

Visually speaking the anime really has no loss being this surely the most attractive element of Kimetsu no Yaiba, delivering the series not only a very fluid and consistent cartoon that rarely fails, but also some attractive character designs, which are added scenarios quite well made, and a use of effects for what are special attacks of the characters that look extremely well, resulting in some action and combat scenes very attractive and entertaining to follow from start to finish.

About the music I have no major complaints either, delivering the anime a soundtrack quite pleasant to the ear and well used throughout the work. Also the opening theme entitled "Gurenge" and performed by LiSA, has its good degree of attraction both visually and soundly, but it really is not as if I was too impressed, being one of those openings that when I saw a lot the first time and from there I just skipped it in each chapter, on the other hand I must say that the theme of ending entitled "from the edge" I have come to like much more, but also not that it is a very memorable tune.

Kimetsu no Yaiba is a title that although at its core does not stand out too much, being a work not particularly original or imaginative in the elements that make up its history or the way it is carried, even so it is a work quite enjoyable and entertaining, which manages to offer a technical section over competent, some characters mostly nice, and some situation or battle outstanding, which together make it worth viewing.

This is a work that may not attract those who are looking for something more elaborate or those who are half tired of the titles of this genre, no doubt entertaining to those who only seek their good dose of action and colorful attacks, I do not think the best or most imaginative Shounen fights there, but not bad and to pass the time fully complies.

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