Promare Movie

Promare Movie

Promare Movie

Released on May 24, 2019, Promare is an original anime film of just under 2 hours, written by Kazuki Nakashima (Re: Cutie Honey, Gurren Lagann, etc.) and directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi (Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill , Panty & Stocking, etc.). ), being in charge of the animation the Trigger and XFLAG studios supported by the CGI Sanzigen animation studio, and having a soundtrack from Hiroyuki Sawano.

Being that it is characterized by exhibiting a very own visual section, Trigger is that study animation of which I, and I believe that most, more what complex and elaborated plots what really we hope of them are incredible titles, that stand out by rimbombantes histories and explosive and showy visuals, full of alive colors and giant signs by all sides announcing or names of characters or attacks, and Promare, Their most recent work so far, is a very good exponent of this widespread idea that we have of them, being a work that I personally expected for quite some time due precisely to this, since from their initial posters and trailers they looked like a title when at least striking and colorful, more if the film at the end to deliver what it promised, I must say that personally I have not been entirely satisfied with the result.

Promare is a title that is undoubtedly focused on action, handling elements of science fiction and super powers, whose story without going into too much detail and that sets us in an alternative version of our world, in what seems to be an American city, is about the struggle of a group of firemen armed with rescue fuses, against the fires set by the Burnish, humans who have developed pyrokinetic powers and who lock up within themselves an irrepressible urge to burn things in their path, the terrorist group known as Mad Burnish being the most dangerous and sought after of these individuals.

Promare Movie Character

The protagonism of the story then falls on the shoulders of a young fireman with a burning heart and half an idiot named Galo Thymos, who has to face the leader of the terrorist group Lio Fotia, discovering during his struggle that there is more at stake than he initially appears, and that not everyone involved in this conflict is what they say they are.

How do they see a simple plot, which although it presents a couple of twists in its development, the truth is that these end up being quite predictable from the beginning, resulting in nothing more than an excuse to take us between action and combat scenes, where the production really stands out, and that is, as I said before, Promare is a perfect example of a title that advocates style over substance, a work focused more on delivering a stunning visual spectacle rather than an elaborate plot, which is not bad at all, but it is something you should consider before seeing it if you do not want to be unnecessarily disappointed.

Having said that, the film outlines a technical section that is more than striking, with very attractive character and mechanical designs that showcase an aesthetic that is already very typical of the Trigger studio, designs that are accompanied by an extremely fluid and dynamic animation, and a color palette and general style that is very reminiscent of what one normally associates with the 80's, You know those bright neon colors that throw a lot to the violet and that are contrasted with dark tones, usually blue or black, where they are used a lot of polygonal geometric figures mostly triangular, which at the time tried to give the impression of being futuristic, we go that surely have seen something of this style on the cover of some musical album of that time.

Promare Movie

However, this is a very particular aesthetic that, although it gives the work a very marked personality, I have to say that personally it has not convinced me, and this has been mostly due to the background work and the use of CGI for it, and how these interact with the already mentioned aesthetics of the film.

Look, I don't want to be misunderstood, unlike what seems to be the general opinion among fans of this medium, personally I don't have major problems with CGI in anime, as long as it is used well, but the thing is that here at Promare, although the animation of the elements in CGI is not bad, the problem at least for me comes from the fact that because of the aesthetics that the anime handles, these elements in CGI end up looking bad to the point of being even ugly at times, giving some funds that at least in the case of the city in which the story takes place, ends up being very monotonous to see, both for the simple design of the buildings, which are only rectangles with windows without much grace, as for the coloring almost monochromatic of them, and not being quite right when it is used to animate elements such as fire and lava, getting these are somewhat strange and being too easily evident that they are made to computer.

Promare Movie

This is also aggravated by the detail of the aesthetic decisions that were made to dispense as much as possible with the delineation in all elements of the film or at least use fine and clear lines, which while for the characters is not bad, giving them a very clean and striking, in the scenarios and other elements that I mentioned has the opposite effect, making them see few worked and too flat.

I know this is a very personal complaint, and surely most people will not have a problem with this detail, but it was something that was bothering me throughout the film and prevented me from enjoying it fully, and it is something I particularly resent because it was precisely this section that attracted me most to the production, being that as I already commented the plot is not that it is a big deal, and the characters although entertaining are not exactly memorable either, besides if I am sincere at the end all the great confrontation against the villain of the turn, without becoming bad at all as I felt it a little lack of strength and spectacularity.

If you have previously heard the work of Hiroyuki Sawano in other works, you will know that this composer always shines with the works he delivers, and here it has not been less, being the musical section one of the strengths of work, and giving that extra plus to the different scenes.

Anyway, promare is an entertaining film that is good to pass the time, is a title to see if what you are looking for is good action that does not require you to use your head much and that is accompanied by a technical section care, personally so I have not enjoyed it completely, but I think it is a production worth devoting some time.

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