Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

Satoru Mikami is a typical Japanese office worker with a rather pleasant life, who sees his peaceful days coming to an end when one day and without any reason he is suddenly stabbed by a criminal, dying on the spot. More to his surprise life has offered him another chance, reincarnating in a world of fantasy and magic like a slime. Now under the name of Rimuru Tempest, the ancient human known as Satoru will start a new life full of adventures, meeting several colorful characters and getting unwittingly into different problems, while unwittingly becoming the leader of a nascent and prosperous city inhabited by various monsters that acclaim his name.

Originally born as a novel website published between 2013 and 2016, Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken, translated into Spanish as "that time I reincarnated in a slime", is a series of light novels that began its publication of the hands of the writer, Fuse, and the artist Taiki Kawakami, in 2015, being for the time of this review still in publication, and having won the same over time an adaptation to both manga and animated format, the latter being the one that we are responsible for this review.

The anime then, also known under the pseudonym of "TenSura", is a production released during the autumn season of 2018, being the same a work of 8bit studies, directed by Yasuhito Kikuchi (IS: Infinite Stratos, Kachou Ouji, Comet Lucifer, etc.). ) which came to have a total of 25 episodes to its credit, but it should be clarified that only the first 23 these have relevance in the history of anime, which has already announced that will continue in a second season in 2020, the last two episodes of the series chapters that present original stories for the anime.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken was not really a title that drew much attention to me prior to its release, its premise was not that it appealed to me, and the fact that it was an anime adapted from a lightweight isekai-themed novel, with a relatively long name, and that in the promotional images the protagonist appeared surrounded by a considerable number of good-looking women, was a combination of elements that did not inspire me much confidence about the quality of the work.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

In spite of this, I decided to give it a try at the end, finding to my surprise a work that, although it was not original at all, it managed to give off a certain charisma that attracted me to a great extent, to the point of even taking me to read the original web novel and the manga currently in publication, this because of a quite nice protagonist, and a bit out of the ordinary approach for this type of series that gave it a certain freshness. The title, although it uses many of the cliché elements of this type of story, such as the super-powerful protagonist, for whom the ladies seem to fall without much effort, the work makes the decision not to focus so much on what would be the action and struggle of bombastic powers that seek to show the protagonist as the last coca cola in the desert, that makes anyone who opposes him look like a laughable villain with no personality, and instead focuses more on the latter's attempts to make friends with everyone he can, preferring to avoid conflict as much as possible, while doing everything possible to build a city from scratch where the monsters and creatures he is fraternizing with can come to life.

The anime, as I said, is an isekai title, a story of a character lost in another world, quite typical in its initial conception, whose story goes from Satoru Mikami, a nice Japanese office worker in his thirties, relatively successful and happy with his life, being his only regret not having had any partner so far, which during an outing with some of his colleagues, has the bad luck to be stabbed by an antisocial out of nowhere. Dying, the man uses his last breath to ask his partner for the noble responsibility of erasing the hard drive of his personal computer, before finally passing on to the next life, more to the man's surprise, his death has not turned out to be as definitive as he had hoped. Quite confused Satoru realizes that he is still alive, but something has changed, he cannot smell, see, hear or speak, and his form is now somewhat different, so after a careful analysis, our hero realizes his precarious situation, not only is he in an unknown place for him, but he is no longer a human, he has become a sad slime.

It is from here that the adventures of our hero will begin. After meeting an ancient Tsundere dragon named Verudora, locked in a mountain as punishment for the trifle of destroying a country by mistake some time ago, and from whom our dear slime will soon become his soul friend, the latter will manage to clear up some of his doubts about his situation and the world in which he finds himself, receiving a name from his new friend, Rimuru Tempest, obtaining with this a more than considerable increase in his power, and it is that in this world, to give a name to a monster means also to give this part of your power and to allow him to evolve, which added to the already quite useful abilities of Rimuru, that among other things give him access to a great source of information and allow him to devour and copy the appearances of his defeated rivals, will end up turning him into a care entity.

He is so cautious of the possible dangers that he can face, since Rimuru is not completely aware of his abilities, soon our protagonist slime will begin his walks by this new world, not taking delay in deciding to give his help to a group of poor goblins harassed by a pack of fierce wolves, and helping them to take the first steps for the construction of a new town that they can inhabit, and that eventually will end up becoming a big city of monsters, besides being the focus of more than one problem of catastrophic levels, and that our protagonist will have to solve with good gossip and some skirmishes, becoming in the way of several loyal subordinates, some unexpected friends, and annoying enemies, while he is discovering more of this world full of lords demons, human heroes, and travelers from another world like him.

We are therefore faced with a very bearable work, which although it sins of having a not especially competent rhythm, feeling very slow or very hurried at times, I personally found that the first half of the series was too much extended and spent too much time presenting some events, while conversely the final part of it seemed to want to go at full speed, the title in general manages to be a not impressive but quite good work, which manages to take you from one point to another of its history without falling into lethargy, thanks to the combination of a simple but competent comedy, a world not particularly original but from which one is entertained by discovering things, a few moments of climax with its expected dose of action, and a generally very correct and pleasant atmosphere.

Likewise, the anime outlines a quite numerous cast of characters, of which although some of its components quickly end up being very much in the background after their introduction, despite the constant presence of the same on screen, in general all of them are not memorable but quite endearing, being fun to watch them do their thing and interact with each other on screen.
On the other hand, the main character, even though he is quite nice, the truth is that, except for the gradual growth of his abilities, as a character, he is not very developed, This is understandable from the point of view of vita that despite his appearance the guy is actually already a mentally formed and mature adult, and beyond the fact of how he applies the knowledge of his home world to this new place, it is not that we will see much variation or growth in his personality or his way of doing things in the course of the anime.

Having said this, we are going to make something clear, if you are one of those who looks with very bad eyes at the isekais or modern fantasy animes because you consider them all very repetitive and not very imaginative, Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken will surely not be the title that will make you change your mind and it is that as I already mentioned, the attraction of the work is not in its originality, if not in the good atmosphere that manages to create and the bearability of its characters, likewise, if what you're looking for is a work full of action and moments full of tension, with this series there is a good chance that you end up getting a little cold, being that the title does not go for those shots, and is that while the anime is not much of a wait when it comes to presenting characters with a level of power and immense skill, And from time to time we will run into some skirmishes over there, the truth is that these will really be very one-sided confrontations, which will be resolved very quickly and without much consideration, being that as I said, the thing is more like our hero than seeking to fight with everyone, tries, as far as possible, to solve its problems in a peaceful way, trying to put on its side those that it knows and to make friends with them in order to nourish, little by little, with new elements the city that it has built, being precisely to see how the city of the monsters sees changing, growing and evolving one of the attractions of the anime.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

Visually speaking, the series is competent but little more, the animation is quite correct in general, but rarely impresses or proves to be above average in terms of current Japanese animations, the character designs are mostly attractive and varied, the color palette is very pleasing to the eyes, and the background work is overly correct, outlining most of the time a good level of detail and variety in the scenarios.
About the music there is not much to comment, and is that except for some particular tune the truth is that the soundtrack of the series although correct is not too remarkable, the anime has two opening songs performed by Takuma Terashima and entitled respectively "Nameless story" and "Meguru Mono", both quite good but of which I really highlight the first, likewise we have two endings, "Another colony", performed by TRUE and "Little Soldier" sung by Azusa Tadokoro, of which the first is my favorite of all the songs sung in the series.

Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken won't be the most original title out there, and its rhythm may not be to everyone's liking, but it is without a doubt a nice series that will very possibly please those who are willing to give it a try and who are looking for something light and jovial to pass the time, or those who like isekai and fantasy anime, but who want to see something with a slightly different approach than usual. I couldn't say that it's the most recommendable title out there, but it's a series that deserves to be given at least one chance.

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