Dagashi Kashi

Dagashi Kashi

Dagashi Kashi

Shikada Kokonotsu's father runs a candy store in a rural area, and his plan is that one day it will be for Kokonotsu. However, Kokonotsu wants to be a manga artist! One day, the cute but rare Shidare Hotaru, heir to a famous candy company, is going to pay them a visit. Apparently, Kokonotsu's father is famous, and she wants him to join her family's company. However, he will only agree if he can convince Kokonotsu to take over the family business!.

Based on the homonymous manga written and drawn by Kotoyama since 2014, Dagashi Kashi is an anime composed of 12 chapters produced by Feel studios under the direction of Shigehito Takayanagi, released during the last winter season of 2016, being one of the surprise series of that season, not for its quality or its level of entertainment, that barely and almost the acceptable, if not for the relevance it reached due to the popularity generated by two of its female characters, Hotaru Shidare and Saya Endo, who either by their designs or personalities managed to call the public's attention to a work that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

The series is a light and somewhat absurd comedy with some elements of slice of life, which tells us about the constant attempts of the heiress of a large candy company and fan of the same, Hotaru Shidare, to make the prospective mangaka, Kokonotsu Shikada, inherit his father's small candy store so he can take the above mentioned to work in his company, this being the excuse to give way to a series of situations and quite absurd moments related to candy, within which we will also learn more about the characteristics and stories of them (which must be said is interesting) in an advertising strategy not at all subtle, and which also involved the lifelong friends of Kokonotsu, Tou and his sister Saya Endo, and from time to time also the same father of the boy, You Shikada, another fan of the candy that when it couples with Hotaru will give us some of the best moments of anime.

It follows a format of segmented chapters, in which each episode presents two or three segments dedicated each to a specific candy or type of candy and the jokes made around it. It can be said that Dagashi has a pretty decent beginning, with some chapters that won't kill you with laughter but that manage to be entertaining and bearable enough so that you don't get bored during the whole course of the episodes, this in good part because of the character of Hotaru, who in her extravagance and fanaticism for sweets ends up provoking some pretty absurd and bizarre situations, Unfortunately this is one of those works that is losing strength as it advances, not taking long to start losing its spark and simply not as entertaining as it was at first, reaching moments of tedium, and not offering anything that motivates you to follow it, being that in my personal case I had already completely lost interest in chapter eight, and only finished it because there was not much left to the series.

As for the characters, although none of them were very funny, and Hotaru and You are especially entertaining, the truth is that none of them are particularly remarkable or memorable, and the male protagonist, Kokonotsu, in fact ends up being a very insipid and generic entity which does not achieve much grace by itself.

Visually speaking we are before a correct work but little more, I will admit that at first I liked quite the appearance of the series, but actually it was more than anything about the character design that although simple is attractive, and stands out mainly by the way they draw the pupils of the eyes in certain scenes, the animation for its part although it does not present major decay and is generally very stable is not the big thing, although taking into account the type of series that is this is not that it requires a great animation.

Finally about the music, because there is not much to say is simply very forgettable and just and you will realize that it is there, the opening of the title "Checkmate! ?" played by MICHI is generally pleasant but not very remarkable and surely forget it soon after hearing it, the same comment that goes for the ending, "Hey! Calorie Queen" by Ayana Taketatsu which has the small peculiarity that after a couple of chapters of the series started, it changed its visual accompaniment completely, from one that originally had a static image of Kokonotsu watching a television with scenes from the series, to one starring the girls and with the theme of Alice in Wonderland.

While I couldn't say that Dagashi kashi is a bad series, I couldn't say that it's a good one either, it's a job that's simply OK, it could serve to combat some boring afternoons, but it's not something I would recommend to anyone. See it only if you don't have anything else on hand, otherwise it's not worth it.

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