Boku no Hero Academia

Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia

Boku no Hero Academia

People are not born equal. The protagonist of this story is one of those rare cases born without super powers, but this will not prevent him from pursuing his dream: to be a great hero like the legendary All-Might. To become the hero he wants to be, he will sign up for one of the most prestigious hero academies in the country: U.A. But even with the help of his idol, All-Might, can he become a real hero?.

Adapted from Kouhei Horikoshi's eponymous manga, which has been published in the weekly Shonen Jump since 2014, Boku no Hero Academia, also known by its English title, "My Hero Academia", is an anime for television released during the spring season of 2016, with a total of 13 chapters produced by Bones Studios, under the direction of Kenji Nagasaki (Gundam Build Fighters, No.6, ClassroomCrisis, etc.), and having already announced the production of a second season.

The anime that can be classified as a school shonen of action with super powers, and the one that as good work of the Shonen Jump makes enough emphasis in the friendship and the hard work, it places us in a world similar to ours but in which most of the humanity is possessed ade some power or special skill known here as "Quirk", being thanks to these powers that the work of super heroes a relatively common profession and well seen by the society, although constantly regulated.

The series tells us the story of Izuku Midoriya, a young man who does the impossible to become one of the heroes he has admired since his childhood, despite being one of the few humans who does not have any Quirk, but thanks to his passion and effort at the end will be rewarded no more and no less than by the All Might itself, the biggest hero of all and the biggest object of idolatry of the boy, and it is that All Might who after seeing the spirit of the young man will decide to train him personally in pursuit of turning him into his successor, obtaining this way Midoriya the opportunity to fulfill his dream and to enter the U. A., An academy specialized in training heroes, where he will meet friends, colleagues and rivals who are trying to achieve the same goal, but realizing sooner rather than later, that beyond the hard tests and training they will have to overcome within the walls of the U.A., there is an unexpected danger outside that threatens everyone.

The anime, whose central message would come to be without a doubt that of "make an effort and you will be rewarded", is a short but very bearable work, which although it does not move away too much from other pairs of the gender, it cannot avoid being another story of young people with powers developed in a school environment, and to present the great glitch of being little more than a mere introduction, where hardly and at the end it is that we are given the opportunity to savor the indications of a greater plot which we will have to wait to be able to see animated, manages to be an entertaining title that catches you by the development somewhat cliché but attractive situations, and the charisma and joviality of its characters, which you fall in love with very easily, we go that the series although it is very typical of its genre in several ways, even so it is understandable that more than one does not call attention, if you enter without expecting anything and willing to give it a chance there is a good chance that you find the taste.

About the characters, even if outside our protagonist we don't get to go much deeper into them, because of time and because as I said before, this is more of an introduction than anything else, the same ones in general are very nice in personality, Midoriya is a protagonist that even if from what I understand the public doesn't like very much, I personally think he is pretty good, being a typical shonen hero that doesn't give up in front of the situations that are put in front of him no matter how broken he is and giving us some pretty good moments.

With respect to his classmates and teachers, although they have their more and less and several of them have hardly any presence on screen, in general they are charismatic both in personality and in designs, being my only complaint in this section the character of Katsuki Bakugou, Midoriya's "rival" who because of her violent and superb way of being feels like a kick where the sun doesn't shine, while on the other hand my favorite character turned out to be the frog girl Tsuyu Asui, who without really doing much managed to charm me into anything.

Visually speaking I have no complaints and Bones has done a very good job in this area, delivering competent animation, attractive and expressive character designs and a nice color palette.

The music section is not bad either and does a good job of accompanying him, but it's not like he stands out too much. Regarding the opening title "The Day" and played by Graffitti, is a catchy and attractive, while on the other hand the ending title "HEROES" by Brian the Sun, is quite forgettable.

An entertaining and easy-going title, which although not far from the typical canons of the Shonens series with similar themes (which is not its goal either) is quite digestible if you are willing to give it a try, even though it is not much more than the introduction to a bigger story. A recommendable anime, but that in future seasons has much margin to improve, although taking into account how the manga on which it is based advances, this is not that it is very difficult to achieve.

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