Akeno Himejima

Akeno Himejima

Akeno Himejima, Age and Curiosities

Akeno Himejima, is a beautiful and voluptuous young woman with long and beautiful black hair, which is always combed with a long ponytail that reaches her legs.

Akeno is one of the protagonists of the anime High School DxD, which is a series of light novels written by Ichiei Ishibumi, have been adapted to manga and anime, currently the anime consists of 4 seasons as well as several eggs and specials.

In the anime High School DxD he tells us about the new life of Hyodo Issei, who is killed and later revived as a demon in the service of the Gremory Clan, to which Akeno also belongs.

Some of the most frequently asked questions are, what are the measurements of akeno?, what is the age of akeno?, which means ara akeno?, one of the most used and representative phrases of it. Below you will find some answers to these questions, as well as some facts and curiosities about the beautiful Akeno Himejima.

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akeno himejima age

How tall is akeno?

which are the measures of akeno, the measures of it are the following; Bust 102, Waist 60, Hip 89 cm and has a weight of 54 kg, its height is 168 cm.

what is akeno's age?

Since we are in these details, this is another thing that many ask themselves, since akeno's age is 17.

what does ara ara akeno mean?

This is a phrase he regularly uses akeno. ara ara, has a very simple and straightforward meaning; Go...go. What makes this phrase so popular or so memorable for everyone is the way Akeno says it, simply beautiful.

what does akeno mean?

The meaning of akeno has two variables which are, bright prairie and morning. On the other hand, himejima is composed by "hime" which means princess and "jima" which means space.

Curiosities about Akeno Himejima:

Akeno has a larger bust than all the girls in high school dxd and this is because she has fallen angel blood and all the female Fallen Angels have seductive and provocative bodies.

Despite being a nice girl most of the time, when she enters the battle her personality changes completely, giving way to the sadistic and cold thunder priestess who shows no mercy.

Akeno is the only daughter of Shuri Himejima, a priestess, and Baraqiel, a fallen angel. She inherited her sadistic personality from her mother and her masochistic personality from her father

Akeno's birthday is July 21st.

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