Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! / KonoSuba!

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Kazuma Satou is a hikkikomori fan to death of video games, anime and manga to which an unexpected accident ends his life ... or that should have happened, but wakes up with a beautiful girl next to him saying he is a goddess. The girl says, "I have good news. Would you like to go to an alternative world? You can take only one thing you like" and he answers "Then I'll take you". With that, he is transported to another world where he begins his great adventure in search of subduing a demon king... although before that he has to work hard to afford food, clothing and shelter, while having to put up with the constant problems that his goddess companion keeps causing.

Released in early 2016, "Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo", which translates to something like "Bless this wonderful world" but is better known simply as Konosuba, is the anime adaptation of the series of light novels of the same title written by Natsume Akatsuki and illustrated by Kurone Mishima, produced by Deen Studios under the direction of Takaomi Kanasaki and with a total of 10 chapters to its credit and a second season already announced.

This really wasn't a series that I had planned to see during its premiere season being that between its synopsis, its promotional images, and the fact that it was the adaptation of a light novel, it conveyed a very strong idea of being the typical season harem combined with the premise of otaku without personality being transported to a fantasy world type RPG, So it wasn't until it was recommended to me that I finally gave it a chance, and I'm glad I did because even though the story in the RPG world wasn't so misguided, the serien in general turned out to be a quite different job than what I expected, being more of a parody to this kind of stories and turning out to be a quite entertaining work in spite of its limitations.

The story introduces us to Kazuma Satou, a young otaku hikkikomori and video game fan, who after dying one day of fright after leaving his home, ends up being transported to a strange place where a goddess called Aqua offers to revive him in another world, where he will have the opportunity to become a hero and defeat the demon king. The thing is that Aqua is a wretch, and he doesn't miss an opportunity to mock the boy and his stupid way of dying, an action that will have consequences because Kazuma is of his own kind, and when he gives the young man the opportunity to choose to take this one with him to this new world to help him in his mission, Having an arsenal of powerful weapons and items at his disposal, Kazuma in retaliation ends up choosing her, at which point another goddess appears and relegates Aqua to her position, sending the duo off to a medieval fantasy world that is governed by several typical RPG rules and from which Aqua cannot return until he completes the mission.


Trapped in this place and without many options the duo will then have to try to fulfill the goal of defeating the demon king and his vassals, but it doesn't look very promising that we say, basically because neither has wood of a hero, Kazuma although it has all the knowledge necessary to survive in this world does not have any skill in combat, while Aqua is just the opposite, is quite powerful in battle but at the same time she is a complete idiot and despite being a goddess nobody respects or recognizes her as such, added to this the couple is basically on the street, so the time they would have to use to fight against monsters they have to invest in different jobs to earn their bread and get a small place to sleep, in a sad stable they have to share with another bunch of starving people like them.

Even with this, the duo will soon have increased their team with the addition of two new but equally useless members, Darkness, a brave but masochistic knight who will be more than happy to take the damage in battle for his companions and who is possessed of a horrible aim that basically makes it impossible for him to hit anything with his sword, and Megumin (my personal favorite) a crimson demon, who is very reminiscent of a certain Dark Flame Master and his girlfriend, a user of Explosive magic, being in fact the only one in his arsenal, which is a powerful destructive spell that the young woman loves to use but can only use once a day and after using it leaves her to drag herself to the point that she can't even stand up by herself.

The series is then about the different misadventures of this unpromising team, who constantly screw up each other's lives, getting into situations and dangers out of their control and occasionally taking advantage of other poor devils they come across, while trying not to starve and freeze to death, and how they can try to get on the road to fulfilling the mission for which Kazuma and Aqua were originally sent there in the first place.

Konosuba then ends up being a series focused on comedy quite competent, that although it has its downfalls in one or another episode, usually manages to keep you entertained from start to finish and get some laughs from time to time with their quips, also delivering a quite nice and funny leading quartet which know how to make themselves loved. Don't misunderstand me, it's not that this is a job from another world, but for what I personally expected from her at the beginning I must say that she has managed to surprise me very pleasantly.


Visually speaking we are not before a very successful work that we say, and is that while the series presents some attractive character designs and some well animated scene, usually the animation in this anime is quite poor, full of faces and deformed bodies in every corner and not very careful funds, although strangely enough we must say that this decline in the visual section somehow helps the series and is that the attacks of quality in more than one occasion caused some moment of involuntary comedy.

The music is not very good either, the OST is extremely forgettable and not very prominent, the opening is nice and all, but also quite generic and I could not say that it has been much to my liking, while the ending although I liked it considerably more, is not particularly prominent either.

Although it's not a wonder and visually it's not the most appealing one out there, Konosuba is a light and quite entertaining play that manages to deliver some quite endearing protagonists and get a smile out of you from time to time. In short, a series recommended for those who are looking for something to have fun and laugh.

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