Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone

After five years of harboring feelings for her high school classmate Yuzuriha Ogawa, young Taiju Ooki is finally ready to confess his love. However, just as he is about to begin his confession, a blinding green light envelops the entire Earth and petrifies humanity around the world, turning every human into stone.

Several millennia later, Taiju awakens to find the modern world completely nonexistent, as nature has flourished in the years of humanity’s absence. So in a world filled with stone statues, Taiju meets another living human being: his science-loving friend, Senkuu, who like him freed himself from his stone prison and has been active for a few months. Taiju learns that Senkuu has a great plan in mind: to use the power of science to revive humanity and its civilization and restore them to their former glory.

Thus, by combining the strength and endurance of Taiju, with Senkuu intelligence, an unstoppable alliance is born, which soon discover a method for reviving the petrified, However, Senkuu’s master plan is threatened when awakeners defy their ideologies.

The work is a production of TMS Entertainment studios, directed by Shinya Iino, who has already participated in other works such as: Hanebado! , Made in Abyss or Barakamon, this is his first time working as principal director of a play, arriving then the anime to have a total of 24 episodes to which by the time of writing this review has already been announced the production of a second season.

Being one of the titles that made the most noise during its months of issue, and being part of this recent wave of new adaptations of the Shounen jump sleeves that seems to have peaked in 2019. Dr. Stone at first was not really a story that attracted me, not knowing too much about it prior to its premiere and not really managing to catch me with its first chapters, despite this to the final has been a work that I decided to see until the end, and although as a work I do not find anything unforgettable despite its more than curious premise, it is impossible to deny that at the end of the day has been a very enjoyable experience to see.

The anime is an adventure and science fiction title, whose story tells us that one day without warning a strange light appeared from nowhere turning all humans into stone. So, 3700 years later, a young Japanese genius named Senkuu, suddenly manages to escape his slumber by escaping from his rock prison, thus setting himself the goal of restoring human civilization to its ancient Glory by using the power of science, thus beginning their efforts not only to learn how to survive in this new stone world, but also to revive the rest of humanity, starting with their best friend, Taiju, even if things got more complicated than they should when in a moment of danger and need, I ended up bringing a Tsukasa back into the world, an extremely strong and intelligent young man who has his own ideas about the direction this new world must take, antagonistic to our heroes, who must use the genius of Senkuu and the power of science to confront it.

Obviously this is just the introduction to the story, with new characters appearing sooner rather than later, and several other issues to be resolved before the threat posed by Tsukasa can be dealt with openly.

As you see a rather interesting premise that gives way to a curious work, which although it has as its core plot a confrontation between two forces, decides to move a little away from the terrain of the action, and instead focus on the efforts of the protagonist to carry out various scientific advances as a means to achieve its objectives.

Situations like these will be the ones that we will come across throughout the work, seeing as Senkuu based on his ingenuity and scientific knowledge, will solve the different problems that are put in front of him, at the same time that it will gain new allies and consequently more resources to achieve its ultimate goal.

A simple and functional formula but at the same time perhaps too repetitive and sometimes very given to conveniences, And while it never ceases to be entertaining to see our heroes doing their thing while explaining to us the different steps needed to get to create that new machine or chemical they need, the truth is that the series gets to abuse a little of the resource of the genius of Senkuu, which at times can lead to the work feeling a bit pulled by the hair, from the point of view that it seems that there is nothing that the boy does not know or cannot solve, especially now at a certain point in the story where the protagonist already has a considerable amount of resources at his disposal to do the things he needs, taking with it to the title that feeling of danger and expectation that he had at the beginning, Which may not please everyone.

The title itself, while at the level of story or characters never becomes anything from the other world, the way in which the different events unfold, coupled with a couple of punctual moments with some dramatic load quite well carried, and a fulfilling comedy, make the series in general become very easy to digest, being a work that may not meet the expectations of those looking for something more elaborate, but in turn if you just want something light and entertaining to kill the time works quite well.

It should also be said as a warning, that those who venture to see this first season before the start of the second, may be somewhat dissatisfied with the last chapter, This is because it remains extremely open and without really concluding anything of the main plot raised in the beginning, and also without being able to transmit some sensation of closure that makes the sudden cut more bearable, which can become something annoying.

With respect to the characters, I will say that these have their good and bad moments, on the one hand I liked very much how exaggerated some of them were, and in general they are quite nice characters and different from each other, but on the other hand they turn out to be mostly very simple both in personality and in development and personally I do not find them particularly memorable.

Visually spoken the series does what it can with what it has, and is that while at first glance the anime does not look bad at all, delivering an attractive drawing and eye-catching designs, the truth is that the animation as such is not particularly remarkable, being a very static title, Now this is something you don’t normally notice, basically by the very nature of the work which, as I’ve already mentioned, doesn’t focus much on the action, but if you get to it hoping to find stunning visuals or dynamic action scenes, You might be a little disappointed.

About the music I don’t have much to comment, if I am sincere the OST nor did I notice it, but taking into account that the same also does not bother I will say that it simply fulfilled its task of setting. Regarding the openings we have two, "Good Morning World!" and "Sangenshoku", both visually quite attractive though musically medium generic, now where the series did seem to me to shine was with their ending songs titled "LIFE" and "Yume no You na", which I found extremely pleasing to the ear.

Without finding it as a precisely memorable work, Dr.Stone is a fairly fulfilling title, it is a light series of striking and generally quite entertaining premise, which while suffering from being somewhat repetitive and with very convenient situations, That doesn’t take away how threatening he can be. Well, it won’t be the best thing out there, but to kill the time isn’t bad.

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