Aa! Megami-sama / Ah! My Goddess

Aa! Megami-sama / Ah! My Goddess

Aa! Megami-sama / Ah! My Goddess

In a world where a few lucky human beings can see their wishes granted through "The Goddess Technical Help Line", a human being, Keiichi Morisato, summons the goddess Belldandy by accident and jokes that she must stay with him forever. Unfortunately for him, he was granted his "wish".

Suddenly Keiichi is now accompanied by this beautiful and charming woman, a situation that causes him to be expelled from the men’s room he was staying in. But soon, after finding accommodation in a Buddhist temple, the relationship between Keiichi and Belldandy begins to flourish, and it is that although at first both prove to be clumsy and inexperienced at the time of leading their relationship, What awaits these two strangers will be nothing more than an unexpected and particular romance.

Ah! My Goddess, also known for her original title in Japanese, Aa! Megami-sama, or in Spanish, Oh, My Goddess! , is originally a manga written and drawn by the author Kosuke Fujishima (You’re under Arrest), published from 1988 to 2014 reaching the not inconsiderable total of 48 compilation volumes, which over the years earned several adaptations to anime, being the first a series of OVA`s of 5 chapters that saw the light between 1993 and 1994 (and which here in Latin America we had the possibility to enjoy through the screens of the channel locomotion, having dubbing for both Latin America and Spain), which was followed by a 48-episode spin-off called The Adventures of Mini-Goddess (which, if I’m not wrong, was also aired by locomotion at the time) in 1998, a film simply titled, Aa! Megami-sama The Movie, of hour and a half of duration released in 2000, and finally a series for television (which is the one that in this review belongs to us) formed by two seasons of 24 and 22 chapters respectively, produced by AIC studies under the direction of Hiroaki Gouda, released in 2005 and 2006, which are accompanied by some specials and in turn would be continued by a couple of OVA series s, one of 2 chapters released in 2007 entitled Fighting Wings, and another released in 2011 of 3 chapters named Together Forever.

Being one of those many series that I had promised to see for years, basically because as a child I had the opportunity to see and enjoy its version OVA`s and because the other great work of its author, You’re under Arrest, is a title that I have a lot of affection for (at least his first season), Ah! My Goddess is a work of which although its premise may not be of very good omens, being that in our times abound the stories of boys without personality living with beautiful and stereotypical girls, in the end this turns out to be actually a work by far enjoyable, a simple and unpretentious title that with a simple comedy and usually quite healthy and very affable characters, manages to make you have a good time.

The title, which we could classify as a kind of romantic slice of life, with touches of fantasy and harem, takes us to witness the day-to-day life of a college motorcycle fanatic, good people but with very bad luck called Keiichi Morisato, who after a series of events ends up finding himself in the situation of living in an old temple in the company of a beautiful goddess named Belldandy, who belongs to the "Goddess Technical Help Line", I end up contacting the boy to grant him a wish in compensation for his misfortune, but Keiichi confused and thinking it was a joke of his companions, I end up wishing that the goddess would remain forever with him, I wish that it was approved and that the young woman does not seem to take it precisely wrong.

Giving with this event begins a new life for our protagonist, who while now has as companion for the rest of her life a beautiful, loving and understanding goddess, who beyond the desire that binds her seems to really like him, the presence of it will also mean the arrival of a series of problems, being possibly the greatest among these Urd and Skuld, sisters of Belldandy who by things of life also end up going to live with the couple, The first seeking to accelerate the relationship between the two that advances at a snail's pace, this by using potions or trying to make his sister jealous using its charms to place in compromising situations Keichii, and the second doing everything possible to meddle in the relationship, helping for these of various inventions and machines, and who together with other goddesses, demons and friends and family of Keiichi, end up leading to the day to day of this young and particular couple becomes an adventure after another.

The anime, as I already mentioned, is a work of the simplest in its development and premise, which without much pretension works on the basis of a light comedy and a monolithic romance without too many surprises, resulting in a title that is otherwise affable and relaxing, which moves under a semi-episodic format, in which each chapter presents a problem or conflict that develops and resolves within it.

the consequences that have occurred tend to affect or be the cause of the stories to come, giving to others from time to time some other mini story arc that gives a certain variety to the work, but in the end not really existing a sort of plot thread to follow by the work, something that is understood if we take into account that is that beyond the fact of perpetuating the relationship of our protagonists, It’s not like there’s a final goal to be achieved by our heroes, and there’s no way through the work with something that we can effectively catalog as an ending.

Visually speaking we are dealing with a correct work and is that although the background work is a bit disheartening and the color palette needs intensity, resulting in my opinion too soft, As far as animation is concerned, the title has a fairly decent quality and the character designs are otherwise attractive and very faithful to the original author’s style.

On the music side I really don’t have much to say, being that the OST just and stands out, going way under the rope, and the openigns and endings although they are not bad, really attract little attention.

Ah! My Goddess is an affable and quiet title, a work that comes perfect to relax and hang out, but that at the same time due to its simplicity can end up being very unattractive, not being a particularly transcendent work, in the sense that it does not really offer anything that has not been seen elsewhere, but that despite that I recommend quite a lot.

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